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Top: Detail of work by Judith Schaechter in Fire and Form at The Norton Museum of Art

Curated by William Warmus, 2003

Above: Dale Chihuly sculpture and video projection in Fire and Form



Glass Octopus model made circa 1885 by the Blaschkas, in the collection of Cornell University.

The Blaschka Octopus

 Ocean Realm cover photograph by William Warmus     







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December 31, 2001 at 4PM

View from aboard the Nai'a, off the coast of Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, South Pacific

Our platform for diving into the ocean realm

See Ocean or Nai'a Journals

At your far right: The sea creatures art historians hunt: click

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2PM on December 1 ,2003: A winter storm obscures Ithaca at the base of Cayuga Lake, leaving the rest of the basin under sun and blue sky.

The cloud structure is enormous: in this image, maybe a mile high at the center, and 10-15 miles wide.

This photo was taken from twelve miles north of Ithaca.

For more images of Cayuga Lake, click on the image above






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