Appraisal Rates effective 2007


Not-to-exceed estimates available. Guaranteed delivery dates can be negotiated.

We prefer to negotiate a not-to-exceed contract with clients

in order to assure them of a fee that won't increase.

Insurance appraisal: $200/hour plus expenses

The client provides images in digital form, or we scan images (client's expense)

Insurance appraisal with digital imaging: $250/hour plus expenses

We provide record quality (not publication quality) images. Requires travel.

Charitable contribution appraisals: $200/hour plus expenses

Travel usually required

Damage/Loss claims and transit appraisals: $225/hour plus expenses.

In addition, there are specific requirements for documentation.

 See Insurance

Forensic appraisal/court testimony: $200-$500/hour plus expenses
Travel time invoiced at $100/hour plus expenses

There is a minimum fee of $350 for any appraisal assignment, with the exception of established clients.

For charitable contribution and damage/loss claims, there is a minimum fee of $500 for new clients.

Work made for hire: Such work must be specified in advance by agreement and is subject to an additional $125 per hour fee. This rate is in addition to the usual rates described above.